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Cette page est une ébauche, elle a démarré sur mobile et bénéficierait grandement de vos contributions !

Mobile et microformats forment une combinaison heureuse. Les microformats aident les utilisateurs à faire les tâches en moins d'étapes, et requièrent moins d'étapes, un point vraiment important dans les applications mobiles. Cette page liste les supports connus actuels des microformats ainsi que des suggestions et idées pour les applications mobiles qui pourraient utiliser les microformats.

support mobile


Le navigateur Treo a une bonne intégration avec le carnet d'adresses et agenda Treo.

  • hCalendar support. Clicking on an "Add to Calendar" link (e.g. like on the events page) will prompt the user to add hCalendar events directly to their Treo calendar. (Note: the "Subscribe to" links that use webcal: do not appear to currently work on the Treo.)


  • The S60 3rd generation browser can handle vcards and icals (as those generated by X2V and technorati) extracted from hcards and vcards very well.

List of models: N80, N95, (please update).

Sony Ericsson

mobile non support

Smartphones that should know better! I.e. they have a browser, they address books and/or calendar programs, and yet, they're not connected! They might even sync with a desktop that supports vCard and iCalendar (and maybe even hCard and hCalendar), but they lack built-in support.


Pas de support pour hCard/vCard/hCalendar/iCalendar dans les modèles BlackBerry 8700, 81xx, 88xx. Quiconque aurait essayé avec BlackBerry 9000?


Pas de support hCard/vCard/hCalendar/iCalendar dans les premières générations iPhone / Safari / Webkit. Pas de support sur iPhone 3G software v2.0.2(5C1), en cliquant sur le lien "add to address book" au dessus des résultats fait surgir un message disant "Safari can't download this file". particulièrement triste pour l'iphone car le iPod supportait vCard et iCalendar depuis plusieurs années !

idées d'applications mobiles

Si cette section devient trop grosse, nous pourrons la migrer sur une page séparée comme interface-utilisateur-mobile.

intégration carnet d'adresses dans le navigateur

Every mobile browser should auto-detect hCards and provide the user a simple/unobtrusive user interface to add them to their mobile address book.

Example: you are browsing a business site, or business listings (e.g. on Google Maps) which list business name, telephone number, address, URL etc. With a simple click or two, it should be possible to save those listings in your address book for future reference or navigation (see below).

intégration calendrier dans le navigateur

Every mobile browser should auto-detect hCalendar events and provide the user a simple/unobtrusive user interface to add (or subscribe to) them to their mobile address book.

Example: you are browsing an event site (e.g., or event listings on a business site, and see event names, start/end times, locations, etc. With a simple click or two, it should be possible to save those events in your calendar for future reference / alarms etc.

mapping and navigation

adr and geo microformats are useful for mobile mapping and navigation applications. (from tweet: [1]).

The most obvious thing to do is extending support for geo so you can get directions to places from browsers, so you could, for example, get off the train, go to on your mobile, click the address and have the mobile mapping applications walk you there. (from tweets [2], [3]).

composition d'url

Most phones have a way of invoking a call from the browser or from applications built in the native languages (JavaME, Python etc.) - it'd be useful if you could have a really simple way of putting in a URI, and it finding the relevant hCard on the page and auto-dials it. I can remember "" but not some long phone number. I'm thinking of building something broadly on this line using JavaME, backed by a web service to get the numbers and return them to the device (favouring hCards, but regexing for things that look like phone numbers if it doesn't find any). This came to me a while back when I was walking around London trying to find a shop - I knew their URL but had no idea of their phone number. --TomMorris 05:07, 12 Sep 2008 (PDT)

ajouter un contact sans effort au carnet d'adresses

En utilisant un peu d'URL voodoo nous pouvons fournir un QR Code (voici un reader) de façon à ce que l'utilisateur puisse pointer son téléphone sur l'image et suivre l'URL, un popup surgit lui faisant apparaître le contact dans son carnet d'adresses. Inconvénient : requiert un accès internet.

Example: [4] (Thank Brian Suda for X2V!) --Andr3 01:19PM, 12 Sep 2008 (WEST)


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