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Part of the larger microformats Advocacy effort. Adding hCalendar to these sites would improve their usability and ambient findability.

Here are sites that could use hCalendar to provide more/better functionality to their users.

event sites

Sites that host online calendars of different sorts, containing information from many different areas. (These could also make use of hCard, since they often contain contact information to a lot of different places.)


Apple Calendar Server

iCal Share

  • iCal share
    • Requested by e-mail. 2007-01-14
      • Reply recieved 2007-10-14 (!) confirming "definite plans to support microformats in the future". Andy Mabbett


Upcoming has been supporting hCalendar since May 2005, the first major events site to do so. There are more opportunities for Upcoming to support hCalendar:

  • Accept a URL, parse the page for hCalendar microformats, then


travel itineraries

  • Dopplr is a site that lets users publish their travel plans to other users.
    • It would be great if they let you subscribe to external travel hCalendar (e.g. DanC travel) and incorporated it into your Dopplr travel data. Originally suggested by Dan Connolly.

general social networks

Many general social network sites have event features like event sites, and it would be great if they too supported hCalendar.


government events

UK Gov hCalendar

concert and theatre listings

e.g. (please add other examples!):

sports fixtures

e.g. (please add other examples!):

television listings

  • A major coup would be to get one of the major players (the BBC, Sky, or PBS, say), to mark up their TV or radio listings with hCalendar - does anyone have contacts in such an organisation? Andy Mabbett 10:53, 21 Oct 2006 (PDT)
    • Does anyone have URLs to the TV or radio listings of the major players? Getting those URLs would be the next step, and then doing the markup ourselves would be the next step after that. Tantek 13:02, 21 Oct 2006 (PDT)

e.g. (please add other examples!):

ideas for possible hCalendar sites

Travel Industry

any travel site is based on calender type data! Airlines, Hotels etc. Sure it will be nice to get your reservation confirmation, but what about suppliers "syndicating" their product details that are calendar based? This would allow any other to mash-up supplier offerings. Sorry no examples... but I hope this will stimulate others to add some if the know them or just to make others think about possibilities.

related and complementary


For more information, see:

past or historical

Many sites contain reference to past events which would still benefit from markup with hCalendar for findability, time search, and constructing timelines.

W3C track at WWW2006

  • DanC offers a 150 point bounty to anybody who takes the W3C track at WWW2006 and adds hCalendar markup and sends it to connolly@w3.org,www-archive@w3.org
    • DanC, did this happen? Could you renew your bounty for WWW2008 etc.?


When an advocacy effort succeeds, please move it here and also add the site to the hCalendar Examples in the wild page.


Facebook events have plenty of data that could be marked up with hCalendar. Plus it would be great if public events on Facebook were at least viewable without logging in (like Upcoming!), thus allowing indexing, search, and link traffic from hCalendar search results.


These should be rechecked to verify.


  • DTI: Bank Holidays (not Scotland)
    • Requested by e-mail, 2006-11-13 Andy Mabbett
      • Response: "At the moment we have no plans to use hCalendar or hCard coding due to unresolved concerns about accessibility issues (especially text-to-speech readers), however, we thank you for your suggestion."
      • Request for clarification of concerns unanswered.

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